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If you live in a part of the country where snow and cold weather rob you of a big part of your year outside, then why not consider a winter monthly rental at Sea Isle Village?  Many of your retired friends are already here.  They begin to arrive just before Christmas, and many stay until the daffodil's bloom in the Spring.

Sea Isle Village loves our Winter Texans, and so does Port Aransas.  Because we enjoy our Winter guests, Sea Isle has created a special, more affordable, Monthly Rental Program.  Every year, we have a number of apartments available for rental on a monthly basis in October through March.  The Sea Isle Board of Directors determines the rental rate.  Your reservation and payment is handled through the Sea Isle office.  Most people sign up for two or three months, many stay longer.




Horseshoes and Shuffleboard


The Sea Isle  Winter Texan Appreciation Party

Sea Isle Village plans several special activities for our Winter guests, including weekly Happy Hour on Wednesdays, Shuffleboard Tournaments, Welcome and Goodbye parties..  Many of them are return visitors who come back each year to renew old friendships and to make new ones.  Often they request to stay in the same apartment, so that it begins to feel like their second home.  The community also plans activities for Winter Texans.  Day shopping trips are especially popular.  Most restaurants offer "early bird" specials on food purchases for Winter Texans.  The weather is very cooperative.    

Why bother with hauling that great big (yet still cramped) motor home down the Interstate highway for days when, for the same money, you can have a one or two bedroom, comfortable apartment, with a fully equipped kitchen, phone, and cable television, at Sea Isle Village?

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